What is empower.ca and what does it do?

empower.ca aims to be your Canadian same-day healthcare options destination. It is a curated listing of all ERs, Urgent care centres, Walk-in clinics, and Pharmacies in Canada. The listing is accessible via our nearest options mapping service, which has been designed for use on computers and mobile devices.

Are there any fees? Any obligations?

Use of empower.ca's healthcare mapping service is completely free of charge and there are no obligations.

I noticed a clinic, emergency room, urgent care centre, or pharmacy that isn't listed, has erroneous information or is no longer open; what should I do?

Please let us know as soon as possible. We strive to ensure that our map provides the most complete and reliable listing of Canadian healthcare options. There are many ways for you to let us know. You can fill out the form that pops up when you click the "Report incorrect or missing information" link in the clinic's window, you can also send us a message detailing the error by contacting our customer service via the green help tab along the right-side of our map or you can send us an email at support@empower.ca

I love empower.ca! How can I help?

We love you too! There are many ways you can help us, such as ensuring that we offer the most accurate healthcare mapping service in Canada, creating awareness of this service so others can benefit from using it, and joining the growing empower.ca community. Contact us at partners@empower.ca and be a change agent in Canadian healthcare.

Which healthcare providers accept University Health Insurance Plans (UHIP)?

Listing is coming soon!

I am an owner or employee at one of the providers listed on your map. Can I request that you add additional information to our listing?

Certainly! We are actively looking for partnerships with healthcare providers. Please contact us at partners@empower.ca

How can my clinic offer online pre-registration?

Please contact us at partners@empower.ca and we will discuss the technical requirements for implementing online appointments at your facility.

Do you take money, or any financial incentives from healthcare providers or pharmacies that you list?

We strive to provide a complete listing, and do not charge healthcare providers or pharmacies to be listed in our service.

What mobile devices do you support?

Currently we have apps for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices, which can be accessed through the Apps link along the top Navigation bar. It is our goal to eventually support mobile browsers as well. If you experience a problem loading the map in your browser, please let us know.

What browsers do you support?

Our application has been tested on Chrome, Firefox. However, it is our goal to support all popular browsers including IE9, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. If you experience a problem loading the map in your browser, please let us know.

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